Land, For investment, Croatia, INVESTICIJSKI PROJEKT - OTOG PAG

41.000.000 €


Most of the lend is intended fort the construction of houses, apartments and other facilities for turist accommodation. Costline zone is planned for beaches, recreation and catering.

Expedience of this business we justify with:

  • very low costs of oblaining pastures, which with the adoption of urban plans and adopted spatial planning conditions, became building lands – their value has become important -several times bigger;
  • a large increase in turist activities in the Adriatic coast, especially in Istria and Dalmatia;
  • increased demands for their own tourist capacities in this area;
  • growth in sales prices of residential real estate intended for tourism;
  • very good traffic connections;
  • proiximity to tourist-developed and urbanized parts of the island;
  • beautiful nature with beautiful views and warm sea;
  • a long tradition of regular visitors to the island, who increasingly look for a private accommodation of medium and higher quality.

The investor has obtsined all permits fort he construction of public utility infrastructure on the lends where is plan to build a settlement.

At the time of making this project, an access road to the future settlement has already been built. The municipality is building primary water and electricity connections with a transformer station.



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